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Hello, and welcome to Thai Food At Home. My name is Tar and I grew up in North Thailand. I've been in love with cooking ever since I was a child. I think my love of cooking comes from my Mum and Dad who used local fresh ingredients to make the most amazing Thai meals. I can still taste the amazing flavours and fragrances from my childhood.

Since moving to the UK, I've been able to share my Thai cooking with close friends and family. They all really enjoyed my cooking and wanted to know the secrets to making these Thai dishes. So I decided to create recipe boxes to help people create delicious and authentic Thai meals at home. They will be coming later on. First I want to concerntrate on My home cooked Thai dishes. Please take a look on my new web site to place an order or get in touch.

I believe cooking should be fun, convenient, and quick which is why every meal in our recipe boxes can be created easily, without a fuss. You can enjoy mouth-watering Thai Food At Home in just three simple steps.

My main passion is for cooking, which is why I have opened a Home cooked delivery service and home cooked Thai takeaway in Loughborough. However Thai Food At Home isn't a conventional takeaway. I have a small but professional kitchen which means my team and I can only fulfil up to 10 orders.

My team is obsessive about how our food looks and tastes. We spend more time on every dish to give everything a real high quality and artisan feel.

We love the local area and want to build relationships with residents in Loughborough and the surrounding villages. We pride ourselves on our commitment to great cooking and will always go the extra mile to ensure your meal is one to remember!






 About Thai Food

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular types of food eating all across the world. What makes Thai food so delicious is the blend of salty, sweet, sour and spicy flavours. Thailand’s location means that there are a range of influences from India, China, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

All types of ingredients get utilised in Thai cuisine including rice, noodles, fish, vegetables, and meat. A whole range of chilli’s, herbs and spices are also used to give Thai meals an unforgettable flavour that is popular in many countries.

In Thai culture, eating tends to form the focus of any special occasion, and most Thai families share food around a table. Presentation plays a part too and every dish is cooked to look great as well as taste great.

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